XPS AT5110

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رله حفاظتی مدل  XPS AT 5110 دارای 3 کنتاکت باز و 1کنتاکت بسته , با خروجی زمانبندی 30-0 ثانیه میباشد.این رله 2 کاناله با ولتاژ تغذیه 24VAC/DC است.تنها تفاوت این رله با مدل ATE5110 در ابعاد میباشد

ATE:11*4.5*9.8 CM

AT|:12*8.9*7.6 CM


وضیحات محصول

FUNCTION:XPS-AT5110 Cat. 4 Control Systems

Safety mat and safety edge monitoring. Emergency stop (EN418 Cat. 0 or Cat. 1 using timed outputs). Safety gate (EN1088). Monitored start button feature
Relay outputs instantaneous and timed
Timed output from 0 to 30s
2 channel monitoring and feedback loop
Shorts across contacts, between channels and ground monitored
Voltage on input channels: 48Vdc
4 LEDs to indicate control supply/fuse, input channel A and B, stop Cat. 1 outputs closed
Internal electronic fuse for input channels reset on removal of fault
Synchronisation time between input A and B when using automatic start feature = 75ms approx


EN 954-1; EN 1088

  • Easy substitution
  • All connection terminals are at the same side in the front face
  • Terminals and wiring diagram are the same in the substitution for the inputs and the

existing output

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