XPS AF5130

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رله حفاظتی مدل  XPS AF5130 تک کاناله و دو کاناله میباشد.

ولتاژ تغدیه|:24VAC/DC

نوع ترمینال: پیچی



توضیحات محصول


safety modules XPSAF are designed to conform with category 4 of the standard
EN 954-1/ISO 13849-1.
They are used for:
bbMonitoring Emergency stop circuits conforming to standards EN/ISO 13850 and
EN/IEC 60204-1.
bbElectrical monitoring of switches activated by protection devices conforming to
standard EN 1088/ISO 14119.
Housed in a compact enclosure, the modules have 3 safety outputs.
Preventa™ safety relay modules XPSAFppppP incorporate removable terminal
blocks, thus optimizing machine maintenance.
To aid diagnostics, the modules have 3 LEDs on the front cover which provide
information on the monitoring circuit status.
The Start button monitoring function is configurable depending on the wiring.

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