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رله حفاظتی مدل  XPS AC تک کاناله میباشد. دارای خروجی 3 کنتاکت باز است.

تعداد مدارهای اضافی : 1 خروجی ترانزیستوری

ولتاژ:   24VAC/DC

فرکانس :  50/60H


توضیحات محصول

FUNCTION:The supply voltage, as marked on the device nameplate, is applied to the
N.C. contacts of the EMERGENCY STOP button(s) to A1/A2 (see wiring
diagram). The N.C. contacts from each of the devices connected to safety
outputs 13-14, 23-24 and 33-34 must be wired in the feedback circuit
between terminals Y1 and Y2, in series with the START button. This
assures that the device can only be started if these external contactors
have dropped out after a preceding EMERGENCY STOP command.
If the EMERGENCY STOP button is deactivated the LED “A1/A2” is lit.
The actuation of the START button energizes the internal relays K1 and
K2. The three safety outputs (13-14, 23-24 and 33-34) and the transistor
output Y43-Y44 are switched. In this state of operation, both LEDs “A1/A2”
and “K1/K2” are lit. The actuation of the EMERGENCY STOP button(s)
instantaneously opens the output contacts and the two LEDs will go out.

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