5 A SIL 3 Relay Output Module for NE or ND Loads with NE or ND Relay condition

شرکت GMI که سابقه ای طولانی در تولید بریر و رله های ایمنی دارد، اخیرا مدل های جدیدی را معرفی نموده است که دارای مشخصاتی فراتر از یک رله ایمنی معمولی هستند. این مدل ها دارای قابلیت های کم نظیر و کارامدی جهت استفاده در سیستم های با ضریب اطمینان بالا مانند ESD و F&G می باشند که از جمله می توان به موارد ذیل اشاره نمود:

  •    تشخیص انواع خطاها از بوبین رله تا سطح فیلد مطابق شکل زیر و اعلام نوع خطا از طریق مدباس و خروجی دیجیتال
    •    سازگار با پالس تست DCS/PLC
    •    قابلیت اندازه گیری مقاومت سلونوئید حتی با وجود دیودهای سری شده
    •    اندازه گیری ولتاژ موثر(قبل و بعد از وصل بار) و جریان بار
    •    تشخیص نشتی زمین
    •    قابلیت تعیین set point جهت ولتاژ تغذیه، مقاومت، جریان بار و نشتی زمین



The D5290S-078 is a relay module suitable for the switching of safety related circuits, up to SIL 3 level according to IEC 61508 for high risk industries. It provides isolation between input channel and output contacts.

Three mutually exclusive (by DIP-Switch programming) monitoring circuits are provided:
1) line input monitoring, to allow DCS/PLC line monitoring function: when enabled, the module permits a wide compatibility towards different DCS/PLC. Driving line pulse testing, executed by DCS/PLC, is permitted by a dedicated internal circuit, to prevent relay and LED flickering.
2) low voltage input monitoring: when enabled, the module reflects a high impedance state to the control unit when the driving voltage is below the specified threshold.
3) short circuit fault detection (only for Functional Safety applications with NE Relay condition): when enabled, it allows DCS/PLC to detect short circuit fault of module.

Mounting on standard DIN-Rail or on customized Termination Boards,in Safe Area / Non Hazardous Location or in Zone 2 / Class I, Division 2 or Class I, Zone 2.


  • Systematic capability SIL 3
    • Installation in Zone 2 / Division 2.
    • 5 A SIL 3 / SIL 2 contacts for NE or ND loads with NE or ND Relay condition.
    • Line input monitoring in-field DIP Switch selectable.
    • Driving input voltage monitoring.
    • Input/Output isolation.
    • EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety system.
    • ATEX, IECEx, FM, FMC, INMETRO, GOST, TÜV Certifications.
    • Type Approval Certificate DNV for marine applications.
    • Simplified installation using standard DIN-Rail and plug-in terminal blocks or customized Termination Boards.



SIL level





24 Vdc nom (21.6 to 27.6 Vdc), reverse polarity protected. Relay coils are

internally protected with suppressor diodes.

Current consumption: 60 mA @ 24 Vdc, typical.

Power dissipation: 1.5 W @ 24 Vdc, typical.


2 voltage free SPDT (= NO contact + parallel of 2 NC contacts) relay

contacts identified with outputs: Out S_1 & Out P_1 and Out S_3 & Out

P_2; 2 voltage free SPST (NO) relay contacts identified with: Out S_2 and

Out S_4. Terminals 13-14 (Out S_1), 15-16 (Out S_2), 21-22 (Out S_4)

and 23-24 (Out S_3) are: open when relay is de-energized, closed in

energized relay condition. Terminals 17-18 (Out P_1) and 19-20 (Out P_2)

are: closed when relay is de-energized, open in energized relay condition.

Contact material: Ag Alloy (Cd free) or AgSnO2.

Contact rating: 5 A 250 Vac 1250 VA, 5 A 250 Vdc 175 W (resistive load).

Contact inrush current: 8 A @ 30 Vdc, 250 Vac.

DC and AC load breaking capacity: refer to Instruction Manual.

Mechanical / electrical life: 10 * 10⁶ / 5 * 10⁴ operation, typical.

Operate / release time: 55 ms / 25 ms, typical.


Input/All Outs 2.5 kV; Out S_1 & Out P_1/Out S_3 & Out P_2, Out S_2,

Out S_4 500 V; Out S_3 & Out P_2/Out S_2, Out S_4 500 V; Out S_2/Out

S_4 500 V.

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature: temperature limits -40 to +60 °C.

Storage temperature: temperature limits -45 to +80 °C.


DIN-Rail 35 mm, or on custom Term. Board.

Weight: about 145 g.

Connection: by polarized plug-in disconnect screw terminal blocks to

accomodate terminations up to 2.5 mm² (13 AWG).

Dimensions: Width 22.5 mm, Depth 123 mm, Height 120 mm.

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