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رله حفاظتی مدل  XPS BCE رله کنترل دو دست است .یک ماژول رله ایمنی برای کنترل الکتریکی ایستگاه های کنترل دو دست است. دارای 2 کنتاکت باز وخروجی 1 کنتاکت، اضافی است.     ولتاژ:24VAC/DC         |نوع ترمینال :پیچی



توضیحات محصول

The two-hand circuit and the connected parts of the control must*
conform to the relevant safety standards EN 574, EN 692 and
.EN 693
The performance level and safety category in accordance with*
EN/ISO 13849-1 depends on the external wiring, the application
case, the choice of control station and how this is physically arranged
.on the machine
The user must carry out a risk assessment in accordance with*
.EN/ISO 14121-1
The entire system/machine must undergo validation in accordance*
.with the applicable standards on the basis of this
In order for the specified performance level to be achieved, an*
average number of switching cycles per year (based on the
prevailing device load and the application case) must not be
exceeded. If we assume a B10d value of 400,000 for maximum load
(EN/ISO 13849-1, Tab. C.1), an MTTFd of 30 years (EN/ISO 13849-1
Tab K.1 with corresponding PL and category) and a failure rate of
10%, the maximum number of switching cycles/year will be 400,000/
.(0.1 x 30) = 133.333 (EN/ISO 13849-1, C.4.2)
If the current load is known, use the diagram for the electrical service*
life (see page 6/12) to calculate the maximum number of switching*
The specified performance level can only be assured for the
number of switching cycles calculated using this method. The
.device must be replaced on reaching this maximum figure
Operating the device not within the specifications may lead to*
.malfunctions or the destruction of the device
Insulation on external wiring should not be cut back more than*
7 mm (0.28 in.) with the XPS-BCE….P or 10 mm (0.39 in.) with the
To multiply the enabling current paths, the expansion units or external*
.contactive elements with positively driven contacts can be used
External loads have to be equipped with appropriate protective*
circuits (e.g. RC elements, varistors, suppressors) to reduce
electromagnetic interference and increase the life cycle of the
.original circuit elements
.Please consult the installation no tes

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