SDV531-L33/PRP S4

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SDV531-L33/PRP S4
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able Ethernet communication module hardware specificationsItemSpecifications

Physical layer interfaceIEEE802.3 10BASE-TConnection methodPoint-to-pointConnectorRJ-45Transmission methodHalf-duplexTransmission speed10 MbpsTransmission route100 ohm twisted-pair cable (not shielded)Transmission distance1 segment, 100 m (in between FCS and subsystems, or HUB and subsystems)Installation methodMounted on ANB10£, ANB11£, ANR10£, AFF50£, AFV10£, AFV30£, or AFV40£No. of portsOne portMedia access controlCSMA/CDCommunication functions Communications with FA-M3, Modbus, MELSEC, YFGW, DARWIN/DAQSTATION, and PLC-5/SLC500Current consumption0.5 AWeight0.3 kg

OPERATING ENVIRONMENTHardware RequirementsThe Ethernet communication module runs on the following FCS. AFV30S, AFV30D, AFV40S, AFV40D, AFV10S, AFV10D, AFS30S, AFS30D, AFS40S, AFS40D,AFG30S, AFG30D, AFG40S, AFG40D,AFG81S, AFG81D, AFG82S, AFG82D, AFG83S, AFG83D, AFG84S, AFG84D,AFF50S, and AFF50DSoftware RequirementsThe Ethernet communication module runs on the control functions of the following FCS.LFS1700 Control Function for Field Control Station (for AFV30/AFV40, Vnet/IP and FIO): for AFV30/AFV40LFS1500 Control Function for Field Control Station (for AFV10, Vnet/IP and FIO): for AFV10LFS1300 Control Function for Standard Field Control Station (for V net and FIO): for AFS30/AFS40LFS1330 Control Function for Enhanced Field Control Station (for V net and FIO):for AFG30/AFG40/AFG8 LFS1350 Control Function for Compact Field Control Station (for V net and FIO): for AFF50Engineering RequirementsWorks on LHS5100/LHMS5100 Standard Builder Functio

SUBSYSTEM COMMUNICATIONSThe Ethernet communication module communicates with subsystems at the specified intervals and stores the subsystem data in the communication modules’ I/O image. FCS accesses the communication module asynchronously from them, and refers to or sets the I/O image. This enables FCS to use the subsystem data through the I/O terminals of the function block in the same way as the general analog and digital I/O sign

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