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ماژول PSS SBDI16 با پارت نامبر 301130 و برند PILZ میباشد با 16 ورودی دیجیتال و 4 خروجی پالس با تست اختصاصی . ولتاژ تغذیه 24VDC           تغذیه 90mA به همراه جریان بار


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The PSS can read and process the status of inputs in bits or bytes via SafetyBUS p®. The inputs on the PSS SB DI16 can be allocated to a maximum of two logical groups on SafetyBUS p®. This takes place in the PSS SW PG  system software. Each input has space available for inscription and a status LED

:The inputs are suitable for connecting

Single-channel safety-related input devices, with or without test pulse*

Dual-channel safety-related input devices, with or without test pulses The dedicated test pulse outputs are suitable*

for testing input devices with a max. load of 0.5 A*

When used in conjunction with the failsafe inputs on the PSS SB DI16, test pulses enable external wiring to be monitored for shorts across currents and external voltage sources. The module address is established by setting the address switch. Input devices are connected via plug-in screw connectors or spring-loaded terminals. If you wish you can select between different connection terminals and bus connectors. For information on the different D-SUB bus connectors please refer to the „System Features“ data sheet


Safety BUS p connection

16 digital inputs *

4 dedicated test pulse outputs*

Galvanic isolation for a high level of noise suppression between SafetyBUS p® and the inputs*

Integral protection circuits for trouble-free commissioning*

  • Inputs can be allocated to a maximum of twogroups on SafetyBUS p®
  • A fibre-optic coupler may be connected to SafetyBUS

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