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رله حفاظتی مدل P2HZ X1 دارای 2 کانال با خروجی  3 کنتاکت باز و 1 کنتاکت کمکی بسته میباشد.

کنتاکت باز: 20mA      کنتاکت بسته :30mA

ولتاژ تغذیه :24VDC

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توضیحات محصول:

Unit features

Positive-guided relay outputs}:Gertemerkmale
– 3 safety contacts (N/O), instantaneous
– 1 auxiliary contact (N/C), instantaneous
2 semiconductor outputs}:
Connection options for}
– 2 operator elements (buttons)
LED indicator for}
– Switch status channel 1/2
– Supply voltage
See order reference for unit types}
Unit Description
Gertebeschreibung_Zweihand The two-hand control relay meets the
requirements of EN 574 Type IIIC. It
forces the operator to keep his hands
outside the danger zone area during
the hazardous movement. The unit is
suitable for use on controllers for metalworking
presses as a component for
simultaneous switching.
It can be used in applications with
Mechanical presses (EN 692)}
Hydraulic presses (EN 693)}
Safety circuits in accordance with}
EN 60204-1

Safety features
Sicherheitseigenschaften_Zweihand The two-hand control relay meets the
following safety requirements:
The circuit is redundant with built-in}
The safety function remains effective}
in the case of a component failure
The circuit prevents a further press}
stroke in the case of
– Relay failure
– Contact welding
– Coil defect on a relay
– Open circuit
– Short circuit

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