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رله بریر مدل MTL5532 تک کاناله و دارای 2 یا 3 سیم ولتاژ یا ترنسمیتر میباشد.فرستنده پالس یا ولتاژ در مناطق ضد انفجار استفاده میشود.خروجی متناسب فرکانس همراه رله ارائه میشود.


ضیحات محصول

The MTL5532 isolates pulses from a switch, proximity detector, current pulse transmitter or voltage pulse transmitter located in a

hazardous area. It is ideal for applications involving high pulse rates and fast response times, by repeating the pulses into the safe

area. An analogue output proportional to frequency is also provided, together with a relay output, which may be configured to act as

an alarm. Configuration is carried out with a personal computer

SPECIFICATION Number of channels One, fully floating Sensor type Switch or proximity detector (NAMUR/BS EN 60947–5–6:2001)

2– or 3–wire voltage or pulse transmitter Location of switch Zone 0, IIC, T6 hazardous area Div. 1, Group A, hazardous location

Location of proximity detector or transmitter Zone 0, IIC, T4–T6 if suitably certified Div.1, Group A, hazardous location

Switch input: Output ON if switch is closed Proximity detector input: Excitation: 7.0 to 9.0V dc from 1kΩ nominal Output ON if input >

2.1mA* (< 2kΩ) Output OFF if input < 1.2mA* (> 10kΩ) Switching hysteresis: 0.2mA (650Ω) nominal *NAMUR and BS EN 60947–5–


Transmitter supply: 16.5V dc at 20mA Short circuit current: 24mA Output: Iin > 9.0mA = ON, Iin < 7.0mA = OFF Switching

hysteresis: 0.5mA Voltage pulse input Input impedance: > 10kΩ Switching point voltage (Vsp): 3, 6, or 12V nominal (User selectable by

switches on the side of the module) Output: Vin > Vsp = ON, Vin < Vsp = OFF Switching hysteresis: 100mV + (0.1 x Vsp) typica

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