MTL4575 /5575

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رله بریرمدل  MTL4575-5575 تک کاناله میباشد. سیگنال DCسطح پائین را از یک سنسور نصب شده در منطقه ضد انفجار به یک جریان 20-4 میلی آمپر تبدیل میکند.


توضیحات محصول

The MTL4575-5575 converts a low-level dc signal from a temperature sensor mounted in a hazardous area into a 4/20mA current for

driving a safearea load. Software selectable features include linearisation, ranging, monitoring, testing and tagging for all thermocouple

types and 2-, 3- or 4-wire RTDs. (For thermocouple applications the HAZ-CJC plug on terminals 1–3 includes an integral CJC sensor).

Configuration is carried out using a personal computer. A single alarm output is provided and may be configured for process alarm or

to provide notice of early thermocouple failure

Number of channels :One

Input signal range :–75 to +75mV, or 0 to 400Ω (0 to 1000Ω Pt & Ni sensors) 3 to 150mV, or 10 to 400Ω (10 to 1000Ω Pt & Ni


RTD excitation current 200µA nominal

Cold junction compensation Automatic or selectable

Output range 4 to 20mA nominal into 600Ω max.

Alarm output (configurable) Relay ON in alarm, 250mA @ 35V max

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