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رله بریرمدل  MTL4546y تک کاناله میباشد که در مناطق ضد انفجار مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد.

4-20 میلی امپر


توضیحات محصول

The MTL4546 accepts a 4/20mA floating signal from a safe-area controller to drive a current/pressure converter (or any other load up to 800Ω) in a hazardous area. For HART valve positioners, the module also permits bi-directional transmission of digital communication signals. Process controllers with a readback facility can detect open or short circuits in the field wiring: if these occur, the current taken into the terminals drops to a preset level. The MTL4546C and the MTLx546Y are very similar to the MTLx546 except that they provide open circuit detection only (i.e. no short-circuit detection)

Number of channels :One

gWorking range: 4 to 20mA

Maximum load resistance: 800Ω (16V at 20mA)

Minimum load resistance: 90Ωshort-circuit detection at < 50Ω

LED indicator Green: power indication

SIL capable

These models have been assessed for use in IEC 61508 functional safety applications. SIL2 capable for a single device (HFT=0) SIL3 capable for multiple devices in safety redundant configurations (HFT=1) See data on MTL web site and refer to the safety manua

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